moonrock clear rolling trays

These Moonrock clear Rolling Trays are going to add some sparkle and shine to your next rolling session. Each eye-catching tray features the blue moonrock clear logo and taglines we all know and love. Each tray has rounded corners for easy collection of loose material and are non stick for even the messiest of legal herbs. Choose from the smaller 11 x 7 tray or the larger 11 x 14.

Here at Rolling Paper Depot we offer a wide selection of rolling trays for our customers. Rolling a smoke can sometimes be a very messy endeavor, and whats worse, is sometimes you can spill some of your precious tobacco or legal smoking herb filler onto the floor because you’re not being careful enough.

Stop both of these problems with a rolling tray. Grab your filler, rolling papers, and tips and lay them out on this rolling tray. Roll out all of your custom smokes, and then quickly clean up by collecting all loose filler in this rolling tray and putting it back in your pouch. No more mess, and no more waste.

  • Reliable.
  • We provide 24/7 service and delivery all over the United States.
  • We provide top quality products.

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